15 KILLER Social Media Content Ideas to Increase Engagement TODAY!

15 KILLER Social Media Content Ideas to Increase Engagement TODAY!

Social media is a crucial catalyst for brand growth for practically every organization, and it is beginning to take its rightful position in the marketing world. If done appropriately, its domino effect can generate good waves of word of mouth marketing for multiple companies, enhancing brand equity and conversions to boost revenue. It can only do so organically, however, if your content yields engagement. So what type of social media content ideas are there to help you increase engagement?

Let’s dive right in to 15 surefire ways to increase engagement on social media!

1. Do a daily, weekly, or monthly series of postings

Do you want your social media feed to feel more like a gathering of random postings than a collection of them?

Start a series in which you can regularly engage with your fans and followers. By providing relevant information at a consistent rate, you can establish a habit among your audience to anticipate seeing certain material from your organization.

You may, for example, begin the week with a Stories series. Every Monday, you can post information and insights for the coming week. On Friday, you can wrap up the week with key takeaways, which feature highlights and material from your top social brands that your followers may have missed.

This consistent plan lets your community know what to anticipate and provides a useful method to end the work week with you. You can also use a template, which comprises a collection of samples from different companies, making it quick and easy to put together.

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2. Hold a competition or a giveaway

mother's day giveaway example

People cannot seem to get enough of the word “free.”

Running a contest now and then is one of the most effective social media strategies for increasing potential follower involvement.

91% of Instagram posts with over 1,000 likes or comments are about a contest. Those that hold contests on a regular basis, on the other hand, are estimated to grow 70% faster than accounts that do not.

A contest does not necessitate the use of a third-party system or service. All you will need is a mix of the following:

  • Something to hand out: The prize for your contest should ideally be tied to your brand in some way such as free products or membership. Big-ticket, unrelated things tend to draw freebie-seekers who are unlikely to become long-term fans.
  • Terms and conditions:  These are essential for your contest in order to protect yourself legally. Various templates might help you figure out what you will need. Furthermore, these factors will make your contest appear more real and less like a possible hoax.
  • A contact point: Make sure to provide an email address on your terms and conditions page so that consumers may contact you if they have any questions or complaints.
  • A unique entry method: Asking fans to post about your brand, whether through user-generated content or a hashtag, is the greatest method to stimulate entries. After all, the goal of a giveaway is not just to give away free items, but to raise brand awareness.

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3. Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

ask me anything AMA example

An AMA (ask me anything) series, which is popular on Reddit, is a great way to educate and engage your fans. AMAs usually include Q&A sessions in which you share your knowledge, experiences, and perspectives with your viewers.

You probably have the skills to host an AMA if you have overcome obstacles or have clout in your field. Such meetings can be engaging for both audiences and brands, ranging from sharing success stories to personal struggles.

But why bother with an AMA? What is the point of this? Take a look at how an AMA checks off the following brand boxes:

  • You get to show off your personal side, allowing people to see the person behind the business.
  • You increase brand awareness without being aggressive about it.
  • You obtain a deeper knowledge of the concerns and interests of your target audience.
  • If you have a large team, encourage each employee to do their own AMA over time to get a more comprehensive image of your brand.
social media takeover for airbnb example

Allowing someone else to manage your social media accounts could be a smart approach to give them a fresh lease on life.

Takeovers hand up control of your social media accounts to someone else for a set duration of time, usually 24 hours. If you are running out of social media content ideas for different platforms, giving your account to an influencer or celebrity with a huge, engaged audience is a terrific way to get your business in front of new people while also injecting a new voice into your account. To spice up your feed, you can even assign your account to someone else at work.

Think about prospective takeover candidates like business partners and industry relations. Because the goal of a takeover is to gain visibility, pick someone whose audience demographic is similar to yours.

5. Regram, retweet, and share

jigar agarawal sample tweet

Allow your fans and followers to speak for themselves.

Keep in mind that not all of the stuff on your social media feed has to be created by you. In general, it is not always required to be unique. Promoting other relevant products, articles, and photographs from your followers is a wonderful content idea that demonstrates that you are not just a mouthpiece for your sector.

6. Make video segments that are bite-sized

bite-size video

Video content marketing is now a must-do for modern businesses. Many individuals, however, assume that investing in the video is either hard or costly.

However, given that video content receives far more shares than text or image, marketers should seriously consider incorporating video into their social media strategies. The video content marketing approach entails creating various sorts of films on a regular basis and spreading them across several platforms in order to establish an audience that fits the proper customer profile.

Bite-sized video segments are still a great concept for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook because of this. These videos require little editing, can be shot in seconds, and are ideal for sharing.

7. Use your content in new ways

Consider how much thought, effort, and time it takes to generate any piece of content. Does not it make sense to get the most out of each blog article or video you create?

However, here is a depressing statistic: half of all articles on social media garner only eight shares or less.

You should think of additional social media content ideas for advertising your blog post or video on various platforms beyond its initial format for each one you write or shoot. For example, you may use Canva to repurpose a quotation from your article into a shareable image. Alternatively, you can go through a content writing workbook to get new ideas for creating content for your social media posts. 

8. Partnership with a different company

frito-lay north america sample tweet

It is always beneficial when companies collaborate for marketing purposes. A webinar, an ebook, or a special offer are examples of campaigns or pieces of writing that two organizations work on. Each business is exposed to the audience of the other.

Because it is so easy to coordinate your efforts, social media is the perfect medium for co-marketing campaign ideas. Look for brands that are not competitors yet have a comparable target audience to collaborate with.

9. Create tutorials

Your blog postings are not the sole source of information for your readers. While blogs are an excellent method to break down step-wise instructions, social media accounts are quite beneficial. Buzzfeed creates Instagram videos of delectable dishes that are broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Each movie is succinct and to the point while still being thorough.

When brainstorming tutorial topics, stick to concepts that can be explained in under a minute. If your Instagram caption can additionally clarify all of the necessary processes, you will get bonus points.

10. Going live

honda livestream on facebook

Simply put, there is something alluring about live video.

People watch Facebook Live videos three times more than pre-recorded videos. Marketers like Seth Godin use live broadcasting to answer inquiries and educate their followers.

Interacting with people in real-time, either by vlogging or conducting a Q & A session, establishes a more personal connection with your viewers.

What is the most enjoyable aspect? In the future, you can repurpose your social media video content.

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11. Interact with your followers

chobani yogurt twitter listening

In an era when social customer service is so vital, being silent with your followers is never a good idea.

Companies need to always be quick to reply to their followers, in keeping with the conversational aspect of social media. Your audience’s time is valuable, and responding to them promptly shows that you care.

Your comments, whether in response to praise, a customer problem, or simply someone wanting to say “Hello,” can say a lot about your company. Loot Crate frequently incorporates a hilarious edge into customer support, demonstrating how much they value follower feedback.

12. Take a look behind the scenes

All brands revolve around people, so do not forget to add a personal touch to your social media feed.

Giving your viewers a behind-the-scene trip of your company can help in building trust. It is also not difficult to take a snapshot or video at the office.

Is there a mascot for representing your brand? Do you have plans for a get-together? Make it possible for your audience to see what your brand is really trying to say. Brands like Warby Parker are known for showing off their office hijinks, much to the delight of their fans.

13. Invite your followers to tag a buddy in your post

The act of asking is a simple method to attract more people to look at your social media feeds.

Tag-a-friend postings are all the rage because they encourage your followers to respond and bring in new potential followers. Adding a tag-a-friend request to a post is trivial, given how easy it is to tag someone in a comment. Instagram users are frequently encouraged to tag their friends or family by numerous brands, including Alex and Ani.

While you do not need to ask for tags in every post, it is a fantastic method to get a reaction from a post that would otherwise go ignored.

social media content ideas: oreo cookie you can still dunk in the dark twitter tweet

When you least expect it, the best social media content ideas strike.

Brands can use trending topics on Twitter and Facebook to capitalise on timely content. Trending posts can attract a lot of traffic, even if there is only a small window of opportunity for them to be relevant. This was the case with Oreo‘s legendary tweet from a few years ago, which received nearly 15,000 Retweets during the Superbowl blackout.

Referencing a significant event that you know is coming is a less time-sensitive strategy to keep current. Arby’s Tweet in honour of Stranger Things’ much-anticipated second season is a fantastic example.

15. Talk about a significant achievement

Last but not least, brands must be willing to share their triumphs and successes with their fans.

Have you been featured in a prominent publication? Achieve a sales target? Are you ecstatic about a new hire? Have you gotten your hands on that great downtown office yet?

Ensure your followers are aware of that. Sharing these events with your audience demonstrates your humanity while also reflecting the progress of your company.

Again, it is not all about “product, product, product” with social media. Telling your brand’s story and demonstrating your worth based on your achievements can help to solidify your company’s status in the eyes of your target audience.

The list of social media content ideas keeps ongoing; but, why not try some of these social media content ideas if you are wary of sharing the same old content? Brands should never feel compelled to provide a specific style of content. Your social feed should never feel like business as usual, especially with so many options available.Everyone understands that content marketing benefits all types of businesses, and by looking at your plan more closely, you can figure out what is not working or how you can improve it.

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