20+ Best DaVinci Resolve LUTs for Pro Looks 2022

20+ Best DaVinci Resolve LUTs for Pro Looks 2022

Finding the perfect cinematic style for your videos takes a bit of trial and experiment. So it’s always a good idea to have more than a few LUTs to try different looks.

The good news is that you don’t have to go searching for the perfect DaVinci Resolve LUTs to experiment with because we already found the best LUTs for you.

As you know, LUTs can be used across many different apps. You can use LUTs in photo editing apps such as Lightroom and Affinity Photo as well as video editing apps like DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro.

For this collection, we handpicked LUTs that are specially enhanced for video editing. They are compatible with multiple video editing apps, including DaVinci Resolve.

Check out all the LUTs below to find a cinematic look that fits your style.

Classic Look DaVinci Resolve LUTs Pack

If you want to create a classic movie look in your videos this LUTs bundle will come in handy. It includes 20 LUTs with classic looks that are perfect for creating a nostalgic feel. These LUTs work with many different types of video footage and you can use them with all popular video editing apps.

Dreamy Look DaVinci Resolve LUTs Pack

Have you noticed how some filmmakers and content creators have videos with dreamy and colorful looks? Well, LUTs are the secret weapon they use to enhance the video. This DaVinci Resolve LUTs pack includes a few color grading presets with similar effects. There are 15 dreamy LUTs to choose from in this pack.

VSCO DaVinci Resolve Video LUTs

If you’re a fan of VSCO, the popular photo editing app, this bundle of video LUTs is made just for you. It includes 10 unique LUTs with color grading presets inspired by filters in VSCO. So that you can apply the same looks of your photos to your videos as well.

Blockbuster Set Color Grading LUTs

Just as the name suggests, this collection of LUTs for DaVinci Resolve allows you to make your footage look just as amazing as a blockbuster movie. There are 10 unique LUTs included in this bundle with different styles of effects. They are compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Filmora, and other video editing apps as well.

250 Color LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

With this massive LUTs bundle, you will never run of cool effects to try out in your videos. There are 250 different LUTs in this pack that are optimized for color grading videos. The LUTs work with DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and lots of other software.

30 Free Cinematic LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

This is a very unique collection of LUTs specifically designed for DaVinci Resolve. What makes them special is that they were created by professional colorists for color grading videos. And they are free to download.

70 Free Video LUTs for Color Grading

Another big collection of LUTs for color grading videos. These LUTs are compatible with a wide range of video editing software. And they are free to use with your video projects.

Airy Bright Video LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

The LUTs in this pack are designed to create a bright and airy look for your videos. It’s especially suitable for indoor footage or videos that feature office space and interior design. There are 6 unique LUTs in this pack in .CUBE format. They are compatible with all popular video editing apps.

Street Look Street LUT Packs for DaVinci Resolve

You can create colorful street looks in your videos using this pack of DaVinci Resolve LUTs. These LUTs enhance the accents of video footage to create an attractive moody effect. And there are 10 different styles of effects to choose from in this bundle.

Cinematic DaVinci Resolve LUTs Pack

These DaVinci Resolve LUTs are made for improving videos that include outdoor footage. It’s especially ideal for enhancing and color grading nature-themed videos. The bundle comes with 15 unique color grading presets that are compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and many other apps.

Rustic Wedding LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

Of course, a LUTs collection would not be complete without a wedding LUTs pack. This bundle is great for enhancing wedding videos with a rustic effect. There are 11 unique LUTs in this bundle with different styles of rustic and nostalgic filters.

Bali Holiday - DaVinci Resolve Video LUTs

If you travel a lot and like to capture the footage of your trips, this DaVinci Resolve LUT is a must-have for you. This LUT offers a quick way to color grade your travel videos almost instantly with a beautiful filter. It’s compatible with many other video editing apps as well.

35 Free LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

This bundle features 35 different LUTs with various effects for making your videos look even more professional. The LUTs work with all video editing apps from DaVinci Resolve to Final Cut Pro. And they are completely free to download.

Free Matte Look DaVinci Resolve LUT

Create a moody matte look in your videos with this free DaVinci Resolve LUT. It’s designed for enhancing outdoor and indoor video footage with a cool matte effect. The color grading preset is free to download.

Urban Vibes LUTs for Video Color Grading

This bundle of LUTs is specially optimized for improving outdoor and urban footage. You can choose from 7 different looks to create moody effects for your videos. The effects can be easily customized to your preference to fit different types of video footage as well.

Gloomy DaVinci Resolve LUTs Pack

One of the easiest ways to create a serious tone in a video is to use a gloomy color grading preset. With the LUTs in this pack, you can easily create such dark and gloomy looks with just a few clicks. There are 10 different LUTs with various effects in this bundle.

LOMO DaVinci Resolve LUTs Pack

LOMO color grading works much better for videos shot in studio environments, as well as so many others. This pack has 10 LUTs to use in such videos. They are especially a great choice for color grading YouTube videos. Be sure to recommend it to your fellow YouTube creators.

NOIR LUTs Pack for DaVinci Resolve

This is a special collection of DaVinci Resolve LUTs that feature classic Noir-style effects. There is a mix of black and white filters and one-color filters as well. You can choose from 15 different LUTs to completely transform your videos with a vintage film look.

Nude & Creamy Color Grading LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

The nude color look is a common theme in social media videos, especially on Instagram. With this bundle of LUTs, you can create that same look in your videos. There are 5 beautiful LUTs included in this pack featuring beige, brown, and creamy nude colors.

Cross Process - Free DaVinci Resolve LUTs

With this free color grading preset, you can make your Instagram videos and TikToks look phenomenal. This preset DaVinci Resolve LUT allows you to enhance the colors and exposure to create an incredibly moody look.

Blue Tone - Free LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

A simple free video LUT for creating a smooth blue filter for your videos. This DaVinci Resolve color grading preset lets you enhance the color of videos to create a beautiful blue tone. And it’s free to download.

MIAMI - Colorful DaVinci Resolve LUTs

If you want to make your videos look more vibrant and colorful, the LUTs in this pack are a great choice for you. There are 5 different color grading presets in this pack that allows you to instantly enhance the colors and exposure of your videos to make them look even more professional.

Travel Film LUTs for DaVinci Resolve

This LUTs bundle includes 6 color grading presets designed by a professional videographer, based on Kodak 5207 Vis3 emulation. They are made for enhancing travel and outdoor film footage.

CineColors - DaVinci Resolve LUTs for Video Editing

The LUTs in this bundle are designed with video editors in mind. It includes 7 high-quality LUTs for DaVinci Resolve that lets you optimize and improve video footage without effort. The LUTs are compatible with various other video editing apps as well.

For more amazing color grading presets, you can browse our best LUTs for Premiere Pro collection.

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