20+ Text Effects and Animated Typography Templates for Premiere Pro

20+ Text Effects and Animated Typography Templates for Premiere Pro

If you’re looking for ways to make your titles and headings look good in your video projects, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we bring you a collection of Premiere Pro text effects and animated typography templates that you can use to create mind-blowing text animations.

The best part is that these templates and presets are made by professional designers. So you don’t have to spend hours trying to find the right combinations. All you have to do is download the template, import it in Premiere Pro, and add the effect to your project timeline.

You’ll find some cool and creative Premiere Pro text effects in this collection, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Be sure to download them all below.

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Trendy Premiere Pro Text Effect Templates

This is a bundle full of trendy and stylish text effects you can use to add attention-grabbing animations to your titles and headings. There are multiple styles of text animations in this pack that are most suitable for fashion and lifestyle-themed videos, as well as many other types of videos.

Monochrome Animated Typography Slides for Premiere Pro

With this Premiere Pro template kit, you get a two-in-one kind of deal. It includes a set of typography slide designs that also features cool text animations. The template will allow you to instantly add a cool-looking title scene or opening scene to your videos with just a few clicks.

Motion Type - Premiere Pro Text Effects

The text effects in this template kit have some of the most amazing designs we’ve seen. There are many different types of effects, including cyberpunk-style text animations, colorful typography effects, subtle text animations, and more. There is a total of 20 different text effects in this pack for any type of project you have.

Motion Styles - Text Effects & Animations For Premiere Pro

If you’re looking for colorful and creative text effects to add a bit of style to your videos, then this Premiere Pro template pack is for you. It includes 54 trendy text effects with vibrant designs and attractive animations. They are perfect for social media videos as well as YouTube vlogs and business promos as well. You can use them by simply dragging and dropping them into your timeline.

Text Animation Toolkit - 122 Premiere Pro Text Effects

This is a complete text animation toolkit that features more than 120 different text effects. The effects in this pack have simple and subtle animations. And they are ideal for business and professional video projects. The best part is that these animations are fully compatible with any type of font or language. And it includes both in and out animations.

10 Free Texture Title Animations for Premiere Pro

If you’re low on budget, you can grab this text animations pack for free. It includes a set of unique title animations with textured designs. Perfect for making your YouTube vlogs and social videos look more creative.

15 Free Animated Lower-Third Premiere Pro Templates

With these free Premiere Pro text animations, you can create stylish lower-thirds for your videos. They are especially useful when making documentary-style videos as well as for adding credits and titles too.

Essential Typography Premiere Pro Text Effects

You’ll find clean and professional typography animations in this bundle of Premiere Pro text effects. You can use them to create titles for promo videos, lower thirds for business videos, social media clips, and more. Each text animation preset is easily customizable so you can adjust settings to your preference as well.

Stomp Typography - Fast Premiere Pro Text Animations

This Premiere Pro text animations pack comes with a set of fast-paced text effects. They feature stomp-style text animations that allow you to create titles and text with quick animations. You can choose from multiple styles of effects. These are especially suitable for short Instagram and TikTok videos and YouTube videos.

25 Simple Motion Text Animations for Premiere Pro

Looking for simple and classy text animations for business videos? Then this bundle of Premiere Pro templates is for you. There are 25 different text effects included in this pack. They all feature simple and professional text animations suitable for business events and promo videos.

40 Kinetic Titles & Text Effects for Premiere Pro

Another collection of simple text effects. The text effects in this collection feature kinetic-style animations. There are 40 unique animations with different styles of effects to choose from. Of course, they are easily customizable to your preference as well.

Project-x - Glitch & Distortion Text Effects for Premiere Pro

The glitch text effect is one of the most popular effects used in modern videos, especially in YouTube videos. If you want to add the same stylish effects to your text and titles, grab this bundle. It includes 30 different glitch and distortion text effects that are perfect for technology, gaming, and many other trendy videos.

Free Paint Splash Premiere Pro Text Effect Animation

A creative text effect animation featuring colorful paint splash design. This simple yet beautiful animation will fit in perfectly with your creative DIY and educational videos. It’s free to download as well.

Free Faded Glitch Title Animation for Premiere Pro

Another simple glitching text effect. You can use this one for free with your personal and professional videos. The template can also be customized and used to create title scenes or typography slides.

Fresh Typography - Premiere Pro Text Effects & Slides

This Premiere Pro template kit features typography slides that you can use to add stylish titles and typography scenes to your videos. They also come with unique text effects and animations as well. The dynamic design of these templates offers an opportunity for you to experiment with different styles of text animations.

Abstract Typography - Unique Premiere Pro Text Effects

If you’re looking for unique and uncommon text animations to make your videos stand out, this text effects toolkit is perfect for you. It comes with lots of cool animations with 3D-like text effects. With these text effects, your videos will definitely grab the attention of your audience.

Premiere Pro Text Transitions with Animated Titles

These text effect templates allow you to create modern transitions with text and titles. The text transition effect is a commonly used animation in social media videos, especially on Instagram. There are many different styles of effects in this pack for you to make all kinds of social media promos and videos.

Just Typography - Premiere Pro Text Effects Pack

This bundle lets you choose from many different text effects to create professional and business videos. The effects feature simple and clean text animations. And they can be easily customized to your preference to create your own text effects as well.

Chaotic Typography - Premiere Pro Text Effect Templates

Just as the name suggests, this Premiere Pro text effects bundle includes some chaotic and unusual text animations, unlike anything we’ve seen before. The weirdness of the animations actually makes them quite unique and interesting to look at. So they might help you get the attention of your viewers.

This is Black - Premiere Pro Typography Animations

This Premiere Pro text effect template features cool animations with 3D-like designs. They are easily editable and you can use them to create eye-catching text animations for social media videos, as well as corporate and business videos.

Free Colorful Glitch Text Animation for Premiere Pro

If you can’t get enough of the glitch text animations, be sure to grab this one too. It features a unique glitching effect with a colorful design. You can easily customize the text and animation effect to your preference.

Free Typing Text Effect Premiere Pro Template

This is a simple and free text effect for Premiere Pro. It features a minimal animation that makes your text appear with a typing effect. The animation is most suitable for corporate and business videos.

How To Animate Text in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro comes with a set of default presets in the Effects library you can use to animate text and titles. These are easy to use and feature simple animations.

But the problem is these animations and effects are used by everyone. So if you want to make your videos stand out, you need to find unique text effects for Premiere Pro.

We recommend grabbing a unique Premiere Pro text effect from our collection above. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free template or a premium one, you just need to find a preset with a cool animation.

Import that preset in Premiere Pro and you can animate your text quite easily.

Or, if you prefer to create your own text effects, you can follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to craft Premiere Pro text effects.

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