45+ Best Brand Manual & Style Guide Templates 2022 (Free + Premium)

45+ Best Brand Manual & Style Guide Templates 2022 (Free + Premium)

Your brand is the key to a successful business. It’s what gives your business an identity and separates you from the competition. Your brand manual or style guide are the documents you need to help keep it consistent—they’re key to maintaining your brand identity.

Whether you’re a small business, agency, or a corporation, you should have a proper document that covers all the details of the brand. Such as the design of different logos you use, the color palette, fonts used for the brand design, etc.

Think about when you hire a third-party agency to run an ad campaign. To help them avoid misrepresenting your brand, you hand them your brand manual and style guide. So they can present your brand more accurately through the campaign.

If you’re working on a brand manual for your own business, these brand style guide templates will help you put together a more useful and professional document without an effort.

Modern Brand & Product Manual Template

This beautiful and modern brochure template is designed for crafting both product manuals and brand manuals. It comes with a stylish color theme that mixes both dark and light colors. The template features 20 unique page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes. It’s compatible with InDesign and MS Word.

Professional Brand Manual Template

An elegant brand manual template you can use to design a professional brochure to showcase your brand identity and elements. This template is available in InDesign INDD and IDML file formats. It includes 20 page layouts with formatting and paragraph styles.

Minimal Brand Guidelines Manual Template

You can use this brand guideline manual template to create a brochure with a minimal and clean look. It features 20 page layouts in A4 size. The template can be easily customized to your preference using Adobe CS4 and higher.

brand manual template

Here we have a simple, and elegant brand guidelines template for Adobe InDesign. Fully editable, and print-ready, this template is a must-have for anyone looking to put together an impressive brand manual with minimal effort.

brand manual template

Eleven is an effortlessly stylish, and chic brand manual, and guidelines template that offers a grid-based layout, 24 painstakingly designed pages, A4 and US letter sizes, free fonts, and customizable text, colors, and objects.

brand manual template

If you’re looking for a brand manual template that really stands out from the pack, Temply will fit right into your needs. It has an eye-catching design, and can be fully customized in Adobe InDesign. Do check it out.

brand manual template

Next up we have a simple and elegant template perfectly suited for anyone looking to create a solid brand manual and guidelines. It offers a smorgasbord of amazing features that should really be seen to be fully appreciated.

brand manual template

Check out this clean and modern brand manual template featuring 40 pages that can be fully molded to your specific requirements. It’s an excellent contender for your cash; don’t hesitate to take it for a spin.

Modern Brand Manual Template

It takes a lot of work to design a beautiful brand manual that showcases your brand guidelines more effectively. But, with this template, you’ll be able to do it without needing expert design skills. This template features 20 unique pages in A4 and US Letter size. You can use them to create a detailed brand manual. It’s available in InDesign format.

Brand Guideline for Startup & Agency

This brochure template design shows off professionalism in every way. It has a clean and stylish design with perfectly balanced formatting to showcase your brand. The template has 20-page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Brand Manual

For a minimal yet eye-catching brand manual, the Metricss template is well worth checking out. Designed for creative businesses, this InDesign template strikes a perfect balance between modern and professional. We recommend you give this template a shot or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

Brand Manual

Next up is a remarkably unique template for creating a brand manual that instantly catches the eye. It features an effortlessly stylish design that can be tweaked to suit your requirements using Adobe InDesign. Certainly, one of our favorite options when it comes to the best brand manual, and style guide templates.

Modern Brand Style Guide Layout

Another professional brand style guide template with all the right page layouts for crafting the perfect style guide for modern businesses. This template comes in InDesign file format with fully customizable design elements.

Free Brand Book Manual Template

This brand manual template features a landscape design. It’s easily customizable and editable to your preference. The free version of the template only includes 8 page layouts. But it’s enough for creating a basic brand guide.

Business & Professional Brand Manual Template

This brand manual template comes in multiple file formats, allowing you to edit and customize it using your favorite app. It’s available in InDesign, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, and Affinity Photo formats. The layouts come in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Elegant Brand Style Guide Layout Template

If you’re working on a style guide for a luxury or high-end brand, this template is made just for you. It features an elegant page design you can use to craft a brand style guide with a professional look and feel.

Dark Brand Manual & Guidelines Template

This brand manual template doubles as a brand guideline as well. It comes with a dark and attractive color scheme that makes it perfect for a technology, startup, or design brand. The template includes InDesign and Affinity Publisher file formats.

Brand Manual

If you are looking for a strictly professional brand manual and style guideline template for your business, this simple and elegant option is an excellent choice. Created for Adobe InDesign, the template can be fully customized to match your vision.

Brand Manual

Another minimalistic option, this template is a solid contender for your cash. It features a clean, minimal design perfectly suited to a wide range of businesses, and industries. We really like this beautiful template, and you will too.

Brand Manual

Here we have an attention-grabbing template for you to get your hands on. It allows easy customization, ensuring you spend more time preparing the contents of the brand manual, and less time editing it. This stylish template definitely deserves a place on your shortlist.

MANDALA - Brand Manual & Guidelines Template

Looking for a brand manual template with a minimal and clean design? Then be sure to download this template. It features a simple brand manual design that’s ideal for a lifestyle or fashion brand. The template includes 30 different page layouts.

Cd Lyfe Brand Manual Template

This colorful brand manual template comes in A4 size. It features 20 page layouts where you can effectively showcase your brand design. You can customize it to change colors, fonts, and images in just a few clicks as well.

Latvia - Lifestyle Brand Guidelines Template

A beautiful brand guidelines template for lifestyle brands. This template includes 40 different page layouts in A4 and US Letter sizes. It also features 2 cover designs you can customize to your preference.

Free Brand Identity Guideline Template

A great free brand identity template you can also use to craft brand manuals. This template comes with 46 unique page layouts in A4 and US Letter size. The template is also available in Illustrator and InDesign file formats.

Professional Brand Manual Brochure Template

Most professional brand manuals usually feature very simple designs. Mainly to give more attention to the contents within. This template also has a simple design that highlights your content. It includes 56 unique page layouts with fully customizable designs. You can also edit the template using Adobe InDesign.

Brand Manual Template for Agencies

A minimal design is a beautiful design. And that’s what makes this brand manual template a great choice for designing brand guidelines book for agencies. The template includes 12 unique page layouts. Enough to highlight the key aspects of the brand. Every page is customizable with InDesign. It includes text and paragraph styles as well.

Brand Style Guide Layout Template

The brand manual and style guide has a very close relationship. The style guide, however, emphasizes the design aspect of your brand. Like the colors, fonts, and logo guidelines. This template is made to showcase all those parts of your brand. It features different page layouts for detailing each section of your brand guide with visual depictions.

Sharp Brand Style Guide Template

This is another great template for showcasing brand style guides. It also features unique page layouts for detailing the colors, fonts, shapes, and all the other parts of your brand design. It comes in both US Letter and A4 sizes. And you can edit the template to change the colors and text using InDesign.

Free Brand Identity Guide Template

This is a free brand guide template you can use to craft a professional brand manual for your business. The template is completely free to use. It comes with multiple sections for detailing your brand style guides. And you can edit it using Adobe Illustrator.

Free Brand Manual Template

Another free brand manual template featuring a clean and minimal design. This template includes several unique page layouts you can easily customize to create your own brand manuals. It comes in InDesign file format.

Multipurpose Brand Manual Poster Template

This one is a different kind of a brand manual template. It’s designed as a poster that you can print out. If you want to create a brand manual to showcase in your office or share it as a leaflet, this is perfect for you. The template has multiple page designs that you can download from here. You can edit them using either InDesign or Affinity software.

Creative Brand Manual Template

A very creative and modern brand manual template that features a stylish design. This one is most suitable for creating brand manuals for design and marketing agencies. The template itself comes with 48 unique pages in A4 and US Letter size. You can customize it using InDesign CS4 or higher.

Landscape Brand Guidelines Template

The landscape format of brochures are easier to browse and gives a magazine-like feel to your documents. This template is also designed with a landscape layout. It comes with 28 page designs for crafting a professional brand manual. The template includes text styles, paragraph styles, and editable colors too.

Corporate Brand Manual Template

Corporate brand manuals need to be designed without too much style but with elegance. This brand manual template comes with the perfect design for creating such brochures. It includes 20 unique page layouts in A4 and US Letter size. It’s fully layered so you can easily edit everything to customize the design to your preference.

Minimal & Clean Brand Manual Template

Most modern brands these days use minimalist styles. This template is made just for those brands. It also features a very clean and professional design. Every page uses beautiful styling but without using lots of colors and shapes. The template is easily customizable. And it comes in A4 and US Letter size.

30-Page Brand Manual Template

Featuring a creative and modern design, this brand manual template is most suitable for designing brochures for modern brands, startups, and agencies. The template includes 30 unique page layouts in A4 size. You can also change its text styles and colors however you like.

Free UI & Brand Style Guide Template

This free template is designed for creating high-quality brand style guides. It includes several stylish pages you can use to showcase and document your brand style elements. The template can be customized with Illustrator or Sketch.

The Harmony - Free Brand Manual Template

The harmony is a professionally crafted brand manual template. It features a modern and colorful design that fits many different types of brands. The free version of the template includes 8 page layouts and requires attribution.

Modern & Creative Brand Manual Template

When used properly, colors can be a great element of representing your brand in a creative way. This template is designed for creating a brand guideline while applying those same elements in the brochure itself. It’s fully customizable and works with InDesign CS4 and higher.

Brand Manual Template For Startups

If you’re working on a brand manual for a startup or a modern agency, this template will come in handy. It features a very modern and clean design that will help showcase your brand in a professional way. The template includes 44 unique pages and comes in A4 and US Letter size.

Brand Guideline Landscape Template

Another landscape template for brand manuals. This one features a very unique design with a dark color theme. It also includes plenty of pages you can use to highlight your brand style guide as well. The template is available in A4 and US Letter size and works with both older and new versions of InDesign.

Stylish Brand Manual Template

This brand manual template features a very stylish design. It comes with 40 unique page layouts you can easily customize to personalize the design. And it’s compatible with InDesign CS4 and higher. This template is perfect for creative agencies, startups, and businesses.

ReBranding Guidelines Manual Template

When working on a rebranding, it’s important to have a document that captures all the important details of the rebrand. This is a template that allows you to create such a brochure to highlight the important parts of your rebranding. It includes 42 page layouts in A4 and US Letter size.

Free Logo Guidelines Poster Template

This is a free poster template for showcasing logo guidelines. You can use it to create a basic logo guideline for your brand to showcase the different elements you’ve used in the logo.

Free Business Brochure Template

Even though this brochure template is for making business brochures, you can easily customize it to create a stylish brand guidelines brochure for small companies. The template includes 20 page layouts.

Check out our best stationery templates collection to find more useful templates for your business.

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