LinkedIn Acquires Marketing Analytics Platform Oribi to Improve its Marketing Solutions Offering

LinkedIn Acquires Marketing Analytics Platform Oribi to Improve its Marketing Solutions Offering

As it seesks new ways to help businesses capitalize on its ad and recruitment tools, and maximize performance across its platform, LinkedIn has announced that it’s acquiring Israel-based marketing analytics company Oribi to boost its marketing solutions offering.


As explained by LinkedIn:

“Understanding which channels and messages have the greatest impact on the decision to take a desired step, such as a buyer requesting a product demo or a job seeker applying to a job posting, is critical to the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. Through the integration of Oribi’s technology into our marketing solutions platform, our customers will benefit from enhanced campaign attribution to optimize the ROI of their advertising strategies. ”

Oribi’s analytics tools enable simplified event tracking and response, by highlighting the key insights that you need to take action on to capitalize on performance trends.

Interestingly, one of Oribi’s main selling points is its code-free ‘Magic Events technology ‘, which tracks every action that visitors take on your website in order to provide more specific insight into key behaviors that you can then use to optimize performance.

I mean, it’s hardy magic – it’s basically tracking direct actions and grouping them into behaviors, which you can then use for deeper analysis. But regardless, the idea is that this will enable better response tracking without the need for third-party cookies or in-app tracing, which could help LinkedIn better align with emerging privacy trends.

How exactly these tools will operate in a LinkedIn context is not entirely clear as yet, but the basic impetus will be to better connect your website visitor activity to your LinkedIn performance, which could provide a range of optimization benefits.

As part of the acquisition, LinkedIn will also open an office in Tel Aviv, with several members of the Oribi team expected to join LinkedIn in the new office.

“Oribi’s team brings deep analytics expertise that will help us accelerate the capabilities of our attribution technology across our lines of business – from helping a marketer find better leads to a recruiter identifying the right candidates.

It could be a big update for LinkedIn’s tools, and while it will likely remain a paid offering with LinkedIn’s add-on functions, it could eventually provide significant benefits for those looking to maximize their LinkedIn performance.

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