TikTok Publishes New Guide to Effective Advertising Approaches Around Ramadan

TikTok Publishes New Guide to Effective Advertising Approaches Around Ramadan

TikTok has published a new guide to help marketers map out their Ramadan tie-in strategy, which includes a range of usage insights, case studies and advertising pointers to consider in your approach.

The 12-page guidebook is primarily aimed at Indonesian and Malaysian marketers, but the notes are fairly universal for those looking to reach audiences around Ramadan. You can download the full guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

First off, TikTok provides some key usage notes for the SEA region, which, like most, has seen a surge in interest of late.

TikTok Ramadan Guide

Overall, TikTok has now exceeded a billion users worldwide, and is on track to reach 1.5 billion this year, which would make it the second-largest social media network in the world. The rapid growth of the app is why every other platform is now trying to copy its key features, and definitely, TikTok has been able to harness the key media consumption trend of the moment.

That’s as true in the western regions as it is in the eastern continents, and as you can see, there are significant opportunities to reach users around Ramadan within the app.

And even more than that, TikTok notes that user activity ramps up around the holiday.

TikTok Ramadan guide

In order to capitalize on this, TikTok has provided a range of planning notes, including key elements of focus, and related hashtags.

TikTok Ramadan guide

There are also notes on when shopping activity increases around the event.

TikTok Ramadan guide

And more specific planning notes for your tie-in advertising campaigns.

TikTok Ramadan guide

As noted, the guide also includes case studies and creative tips to help inspire your thinking.

There are some interesting pointers, and while it is focused on south-east Asia, and Ramadan specifically, many of the tips would relate to how you map out a strategy for any major holiday, in terms of lead-in planning, creative and ad tools.

It’s worth considering – you can download TikTok’s full Ramadan marketing guide here.

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